General provisions

  1. Each group of “10 steps to recovery” consists of a lecturer and five participants.

  2. It is possible to participate in sessions on skype, in the amount of one Participant at a time.

  3. Support group sessions take place according to a predetermined schedule, which is sent electronically to all Participants of a given group.

  4. Participation in support group sessions is only dedicated to people who have completed the annual recovery plan SELF PROGRAM and LONG TERM PROGRAM.

  5. Each session lasts 60 minutes.

Rules applicable during the session

  1. Anyone who wants to speak during the session signals this by raising their hand.

  2. Everyone talks only about their own experiences, views and thoughts. Any theorizing, criticizing and evaluating the statements of others, as well as the use of vulgar words and inappropriate behavior will be a threat of removal from the group.

  3. Any questions should be asked after the predecessor’s statement. Do not interrupt others speech, ask questions during their speech or comment on it.

  4. Participants of support groups do not give advice, so your statement can only reveal your own experiences, backgrounds and behaviors in situations similar to those presented by other session participants

  5. All those present during the session are required to maintain the anonymity of persons, heard matters and events, acting in accordance with art. 13 section 1 and 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 in brief: “GDPR”, thus fulfilling all the requirements of the privacy policy.



  1. The basis of my recovery is constant exploration of the world at all its levels.
  2. Due to getting know of myself, I can live in harmony with others.
  3. Finding interests and hobbies in my life helps me fight the disease.
  4. I want to consciously manage my emotions and get to know them so that I can free myself from the psychosomatic causes of my ailments.
  5. Changing the way of thinking affects a better and healthier life.
  6. Only experience will give me the necessary knowledge for recovery.
  7. I take care of sleep and I keep time of rest during the day, then I know that I give the body time to regenerate.
  8. I am physically active every day. Thanks to this, I help the body in natural cleansing processes
  9. I choose food products best for my body in a given life situation. I listen to myself and trust myself
  10. I motivate myself to act. I read all the time, I take part in courses and trainings because I know that only then I can consciously decide about my life.